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At Rhapsody Hairdressing we believe in honest, transparent pricing of an all-inclusive service, for colours and cuts, that allows you to know exactly what you’ll be spending before sitting in the chair.

We are experts in all aspects of hair, from cutting to colouring.

We are proud to have introduced a pricing system where we charge for the time you need and not by a set price list. This means we can be creative and give you individual treatment, rather than off the shelf. We provide one to one service with fully qualified stylists.

All of our service times are pre-agreed with you at the time of making the appointment and we never charge more than the quoted time, even if we run over.

This allows our team to unleash their creative freedom and allows these expert stylists to freely use all of the best-in-industry products and colour treatments that your hair needs. 

Prices range from £60 per hour. (e.g. all of our first-time women’s appointments are charged for 1 hour with a booking time of 75 minutes allowing an extra 15 minutes of complimentary conversation time).

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